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Crusher research gears up fundamental construct

Author: HXJQTime: 8/3/2012 5:31:16 PM

Recent years, as rapid development of high way construction, the demand for concrete aggregates is growing. Therefore, stone crusher is widely used in sand making plant.

A complete set of crushing plant includes controller, feeder, crusher, dust removal device, conveying equipment and vibrating screen. Besides, it needs matched with loader and carrier vehicles. Controller is current circuit controlling system of the whole engine operation, which consists of transformer, cable and switch box. According to total power of crushing machine, we should choose proper device for it. Feeder is used for sending stone materials to crusher and screening separators. When raw materials are small size, we often use belt conveyor as feeder. While, when big size of materials, we shall use heavy plate type feeder. Crusher, the core of whole crushing plant, is mainly used to break big size stone rocks into small size. A set of composite stone crushing line can be consisting of several crushers. And vibrating screen separates the broken materials, so that different sizes stone are separated. The function of conveying equipment, as its name, is sending materials, which used in three parts, where raw materials sent to crusher, where the crushed materials sent to vibrating screen and where the finished products sent to pointed place. At the same time, conveyor will send unqualified materials back to crusher for crushing. Dust removal is environmental device, which can be able to remove dust generated during operation and redundant dust of aggregates. According to requirement, we should choose dust removal device with proper power operation. 

On the other hand, the development of ore resources gears up domestic economy greatly while a waste of part of resources. Besides, it destroys natural environment and ecological equilibrium. So, how to reduce waste emissions in mining area is an key issue for environment protection. 

At present, after ore beneficiation, the solid ore waste is sent to ore tailing library for storage. However, ore tailing library not only takes up too much land, but also causes environment pollution and threatens our life and safety. Because tailings are featured with small size, light weight, easily to flow with water and fly with wind, it is potential damage to air, water, country and farm. Above of all, in terms of sustainable development, we have to accelerate the process of ore waste utilization research, so as to make waste as regenerated resources. Hongxing mining machinery company is making every efforts developing solid waste crushing process equipment such as jaw crusher,impact crusher. We are trying to solve these problems fundamentally.