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Hongxing Preheater Is Commom Used Mining Machine

Author: HXJQTime: 12/24/2012 10:16:05 PM

The preheater is one of the hosts of the active lime equipment. The main function of vertical preheater is to send the materials to the upper part of the body, at the same time, using the high temperature exhaust gas (about 1150 degrees Celsius) to evenly preheat the materials to about 900 degrees Celsius. In the preheating process, 30% CaCO3 will be decomposed, and then the high temperature exhaust gas will be pushed to the kiln by the hydraulic plunger. This burning technology not only greatly has reduced the burning time of limestone, but also has got a higher degree activity of lime.

The preheater is mainly composed of five parts: 1. The upper feeding system, which mainly consists of the silo and the feeding tube.  2. The preheater body, which is the key part to preheat the material to 900 degrees Celsius. Most of the components are made of the metal construction. 3. The pushing device, which mainly consists of the clipper, framework and the connecting rod. 4. The hydraulic system which mainly consists of the tank, pump, motor, solenoid valve, and hydraulic tube. The main function of the hydraulic system is to control the pushing device and complete the pushing process. 5. The lower feeding chamber which mainly consists of the elephant trunk, feeding room and feeding mouth. The main function of this part is to send the preheated material to the kiln.

The working principle of preheater is as follows: it uses kiln rolling gas stream with high temperature, and adopts multi-stage circulating preheater manner to make the raw material powder sufficiently heat exchange with the hot gas stream, so as to complete the decomposition of the a part of the raw material and preheating. The preheater can take full advantage of the kiln heat to reduce the clinker burning heat consumption and reduce firing equipment footprint. We can specially design for different geographical and production scale customers to achieve the best results. Currently, the cyclone preheater is the most popular preheater.