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Suspension preheater is used for the heat exchange and separation of the dry raw powder.
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The preheater is the heat-exchanging system in the dry rotary kiln system. Suspension preheater is used for the heat exchange and separation of the dry raw powder. The preheating and partial decomposing of the raw material can be completed by the preheater, which will replace some of the functions of rotary kiln. It will help to realize the purpose of shortening the length of the rotary kiln and making the heat transfer process conducted in the accumulation state move to the preheater. 


Main Parts of Preheater

1. The upper feeding system: it can guarantee security when feeding to the preheater body.   

2. The preheater body: it is composed of the preheating chamber, hanging fixtures and firebrick lining (which does not belong to the scope of equipment design and manufacturing) and other parts.

3. Pusher device: it mainly includes framework and connecting rod and other parts.

4. The hydraulic system: its main role is to control the pusher device to complete the action of the pusher.

5. The lower feeding chamber: its main role is to import the preheated materials to kiln to be calcined. 

6. Framework: the major role is to bear the upper structure of the preheater.


Features of Preheater

1. Good preheating effect, strong adaptability to raw materials.

2. The loss of the pressure of the system is low; the decomposition in the kiln is high.

3. The sealing is good.

4. Compact structure, small size.





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