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Hongxing Bucket Elevator Is Global Famous

Author: HXJQTime: 12/23/2012 7:57:08 PM

The bucket elevator made by Hongxing is composed by running parts, drive device, the upper part, the central shell and the lower part. The drive device of bucket elevator adopts a variety of drive device (depending on the actual needs of the user), and overhaul rack and railing are mounted on the drive platform, which can be divided into left installation and right installation; the upper part of bucket elevator is installed with track (double chain), backstop, and the discharge port is equipped with anti-material rubber sheet; the central shell is equipped with track (double chain) to prevent the chain swing in work; the lower part is equipped with automatic tensioning device.

The hopper of common used bucket elevator can be divided into three kinds of deep bucket, shallow bucket and guide slots bucket. The front wall of deep bucket has a small slope with posterior of 65°, which is suitable for conveying dry and good mobility granular materials. The front wall of shallow bucket has a small slope with posterior of 45°, which is suitable for conveying wet and sticky materials. Both deep bucket and shallow bucket are uniformly and regular intervals arranged on the traction element. The guide groove bucket has a guide side equipped on driving component connected.

The elevator bucket made by Hongxing is a common vertical bucket material hoist with characteristics of simple structure, small fuselage cross-section dimensions, good sealing, low driving power, wide lifting range, operational reliability and long service life, etc. Bucket elevator is suitable for conveying powdered, granular and small block abrasive and non-abrasive materials, such as: coal, cement, crushed stone, sand, clay, ore, grain, limestone, clinker, raw material, etc. with a maximum lifting height up to 40 meters.