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bucket type lifter

Author: HXJQTime: 10/17/2012 1:34:26 AM

Bucket elevator applies to elevate materials from low point to the high point; materials are sent to hopper by shaking table and the machine automatically and continuously transports them upward; it includes belt bucket elevator, board chain bucket elevators, chain bucket elevator, etc. It has the advantages of large lifting height, strong stability, small footprint and good sealing, etc. and it is suitable to transport powdery and small bulk materials.

bucket type lifter

The main features of the bucket elevator

1. Small driving power. It adopts floating feeding, induced discharging and intensive layout with large capacity hopper; there is almost no feed back and excavating phenomenon, so reactive power is small.

2. Wide application range. The machine has fewer requirements on materials types and performance; it not only can transport  the general powdery and granular materials, but also can lift  materials with larger wear resistance. It has better sealing and less environmental pollution.

3. Good operational reliability. The advanced design principles and processing methods ensure the reliability of machine operation.

4. High lifting height. The machine runs smoothly, therefore, it can achieve high lifting height.

5. Long service life. Floating feeding is without bucket excavating, so it rarely occurs extrusion and collision phenomenon between the materials, reducing the mechanical wear. 

Notes in use and maintenance

1. To start it with empty load. Remove  all the materials in the hopper before stopping the machine.

2. Avoid machine inversion. Inversion may lead to chain derailment phenomenon.

3. Keep uniform feeding. Sudden increase of the volume of feeding is prohibited. Feeding amount cannot exceed the transmission capacity of the hoist. 

4. Add oil timely and appropriately.

5. Promptly replace the chain and hopper if it is seriously worn or damaged.