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Magnetic Separation Process Flows

Magnetic separation is an industrial process where ferromagnetic contaminants are recovered from materials on the production line.
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Magnetic process (sometimes called magnetic separation) is a method of separation that is widely used in the waste water treatment and mineral processing industry. 

High Intensity Magnetic Separation

Limonite ore after classification will be sent to high intensity magnetic separator. High iron content (+47.69%) limonite ore is sent to thickener and the part of low iron content will be sent to high intensity magnetic scavenger for separation.  The middlings are mixed with rough middlings for thickening process, while the rest ones are discharged as tailings.

Magnetic Separation Process Flows

First Thickening, Classification and Grinding

After first thickening, low iron content (-47.25%) limonite ore is moved to ball mill to be grinded into finer powder (90% < 0.067mm). The fine ore powder is mixed with middlings after first thickening for second thickening process. 

Second Thickening 

The second thickening is conducted for further upgrading of limonite iron ore. The product whose iron content is lower than 40.08% returns to scavenging and the one whose iron content is higher than 49.04% will be conducted reverse flotation. 

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