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High Frequency Screen

High frequency screen is made up with the vibrator, pulp distributor, screen frame, chassis, suspension springs, screens and other components.
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Introduction to High Frequency Screen

This series of high frequency screen is always used for processing minerals such as ferrous metals including hematite magnet and nonferrous metals including lead, zinc, gold and silver, etc. It adopts the high frequency and low amplitude vibration for the processing of powder in coal, metallurgy, electricity, construction and chemical industry.

High-frequency screen consists of vibration exciter, ore pulp distributor, screen frame, machine frame, suspension springs, sieve, etc.

High Frequency Screen

Characteristics of Mineral High Frequency Screen

1. Using laminated mesh increases monolayer aperture, which not only increases the useful life of the screen, but also can prevent jamming and wearing.
2. The rubber spring of high frequency screen supports the screen frame, which can reduce noise and set vibrating.
3. It is low amplitude, which makes for the classification of fine and heavy materials.
4. Strong production capacity, low energy consumption

Working Principle of High Frequency Screen

High frequency vibrating mesh screen consists of base, frame, and rubber damping spring, low frequency electromagnetic vibrator, screen box, mesh screen, high frequency electromagnetic vibrator, support, angle adjustment bar and electronic control box. When the machine operates, the low frequency electromagnetic vibrator vibrates the feeder and outputs part of the mesh screen directly to move the whole screen. At the same time, the high frequency electromagnetic vibrator shakes the middle of mesh screen through the rubber cushion. The mesh screen is composed of three stainless steel screen layers; the lowest screen layer is high strength primary screen which is connected with the shake motor; the other two layers are workable screen in mine processing.


Technical Parameters of High Frequency Screen

Specification Screen area (m²) Thickness of input material (%) Processing capacity (t/h) Power(kw)
GPS-4 4.5 30%-40% 15-25 0.72
GPS-5 5.2 30%-40% 20-30 1.1
GPS-6 6 30%-40% 24-36 1.5
GPS-8 8.1 30%-40% 32-48 2.2


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