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Drum Sieve

The rotary sieve is used for the classification of powdery materials and the screening effect is good.
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Introduction to Rrotary Screen

Rotary screen is a dedicated screening equipment which is used in power plant, coking plant, building materials, metallurgy, chemical industry, mining and other industries. It solves the problem of screen mesh plug when classify wet materials by circular vibrating screen and linear screen.

Drum Sieve

Features of Rrotary Screen

1. The installation angle is small, easy to plug

2. Small footprint

3. Low noise and dust pollution

4. Smooth operation

5. Screening efficiency is high

6. Large output

7. Simple process layout

Working Principle of Rotary Sieve

The roller is installed tipsily on the rack. The motor contact with the roller by the couple though reduction gears. The roller rotates around its axis drove by the motor. When the materials enter into roller, the materials on the surface of screen will overturn and roll as the screen. Because the whole slant set is running and turning. The qualified materials will be discharged out from the bottom of the roller. And the unqualified materials will run out from the opposite side. Materials overturn and run ceaselessly. So if there are materials locked in the hole of screen, they will be ejected, which can prevent the screen hole from blocking.


Technial Parameters of Drum Sieve

Model Cylindrical dimensions(D×L)
Belt width
Magnetic field intensity of cylinder surface Input size
Processing capacity
XCT465 400×650 500 Customized range 1600-4500 gauss <70 5
XCT565 500×650 500 <70 10
XCT665 600×650 500 <70 15
XCT68 600×800 650 <80 20
XCT758 750×800 650 Customized range 1600-5500 gauss <80 25
XCT7595 750×950 800 <80 30
XCT995 900×950 800 <80 150-210
XCT10115 1000×1150 1000 <80 350-430


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