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Bucket Elevator

Bucket elevators are used in a wide variety of settings, including commercial agriculture and mining, and several specialty companies produce bucket elevators and accessories.
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Introduction to Bucket Elevator

Bucket elevator is suitable for upgrade from lower to higher, the supplied material are sent into the hopper through vibrostand, then the machine automatically and continuously operate and transport the materials up. To adjust transmission speed according to transfer amount, lift height and choose according to need, all sizes are designed and manufactured in accordance with the actual needs for supporting vertical packing machine, computer measuring machine designed for the food, pharmaceutical, chemical industrial products, screws, nuts and so on to enhance the product's material, the machine can be controlled by the signal recognition of the packaging machine stops automatically start.

Bucket Elevator

The plate chain bucket elevator is fixed on the gratuitous use of uniform traction on a range of hopper components, vertical continuous conveyor machinery to enhance the material. The elevator bucket can be divided into chain, plate chain and belt three types.

Working Principle of Bucket Hoist

The hopper scoops up the material from the following storage and upgrades to top with belt and chain and turns downward bypassing the top wheel, bucket elevator pours materials into the tank. The belt of bucket elevator generally uses a rubber band, attached to lower or upper to drive rollers and turn drum. Bucket elevators with chain transmission are generally equipped with two parallel transmission chains, and there are a pair of transmission chain top or down and a pair of redirection sprocket down or top. Bucket elevator are generally equipped with chassis to prevent the dust will be blew in bucket elevator.

Bucket hoist is applicable for upgrading to top from the lower, after the supplied materials transported into the hopper by shaking table, the machine automatically and continuously operate to transfer the materials up.


Technical Parameters of Bucket Elevator

Specification Max.lifting height
Conveying capacity
Pitch of buckets
Motor power
160 type 28 3-8 500 3-7.5
200 type 31.5 6-15 500 3-7.5
250 type 30.16 10-25 500 4-11
300 type 30.16 25-35 500 5.5-15
400 type 39 35-55 512 7.5-22
500 type 38 70-95 512 15-30


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