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The price of jaw crusher is influenced by the rising price of international steel

Author: HXJQTime: 3/8/2012 1:02:18 AM

The price of jaw crusher in hongxing company is reasonable, at present, many broken equipment manufacturers have developed new type of crushers such as cone crusher, single-stage hammer crusher, high-efficiency tertiary impact crusher from time to time, but few manufacturers lay emphasis on the improvement of technology except for the domestic high and new technology enterprise--hongxing company, who famous for the broken equipment and wear-resisting material production, have developed successively a new type of hypoid deep cavity mandibles crusher, superfine mandibles crusher, large-size jaw crusher. Super fine jaw crusher of hongxing company have changed the history of jaw crushers’rough broken into the fine broken, which solve the problem of limestone tertiary impact crusher  of the cement enterprise.

The starting of the jaw crusher

1 This machine can only started without load.

2 After starting, if there is the abnormal situation, the machine should be stoped immediately and cannot be started again unless the cause is clarified.

3 It can be started after the inspection and prove that machine and transmission part are normal.

no-load test of jaw crushers

1 After continous operation of jaw crushers for two hours, temperature of bearing shall not exceed 30 ℃

2 All fasteners should be stable, without loose phenomenon.

3 The flywheel and tank round operate smoothly.

4 All friction parts have not the phenomenon of scrape, drop of chips, grinding and abnormal noise.

5 The adjusting device of discharging mouth should be able to ensure the material scope of the discharging mouth.

Load test of jaw crushers

1 Jaw crushers cannot have cyclical or conspicuous impact.

2 The biggest partical size should comply with the design rules.

3 After continuous operation of 8 h, temperature of bearing shall not exceed 30 ℃.

4 Processing power of crushers and size of products should comply with the design rules.

5 There is no obvious bounce between adjust seat and frame ear.

Chinese crusher change from the auxiliary tool products to complete products only for twenty years, crusher industry was a young industry, and also a sunny industry. But also because of this, many private industry mould enterprise become the main body. After 20 years of experience in the market, there are some successful enterprise, but much more are in the period of starting, namely in the capital accumulation and experience accumulation stage, it is difficult for them to attend a deeper level of consideration and action.

The trends of steel industry may change the price structure of mine crusher equipment: With the soar of all kinds of steel price, the volume of sales in the market appears atrophy, the tendency of price is not clear, and constant high price of steel and iron ore which is expected to fall in public opinion is forming a contradiction. From late trend of steel price, the short term risk is not very big, but if the demand of downstream users cannot be effectively released, the possibility of a sustained rise in the price of steel is very small. Recently, export contract of steel is full, the main production are put in the export task and take control of the domestic market resources, which makes the inventory structure more reasonable. But after the may, if there is  no sudden market events, export contract recently will be reduced because the fluctuations of RMB exchange rate cause the competitiveness of domestic steel resources export is inferior. The resources of the surplus are inevitably a test for the digestive ability of domestic steel market, recently, some steel mills and the big traders marketed quantity of their long-term contract and agreement in advance, in fact, this is a signal that market price of steel is viewed in differentiation, the view of the empty power gradually increase, so, it needs to be cautious and not be too optimistic of the late trend of the market. So, in a period of time of future, the price of the crusher also can rise because the influence of the steel price.