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Cone crusher develops towards intelligent crushing

Author: HXJQTime: 3/6/2012 10:24:33 PM

With the help of modern geometry design, new type cone crusher has the features of big reduction ration, much structure strength, verified excellent technology, and successful applied the intelligent crush method, these advantages made the new type cone crusher gained good application performance in the medium and fine crush of pebble in the working of strengthen secondary and third crushing.

New type cone crusher adopts special upper body, which is used as the shell in medium crushing work and chamber of crusher that specially used in the secondary crushing. These two new crushers both have much more power and crushing capacity, which contribute to the improvement of continuous productivity of mine. The cone crusher bearing adopts new high-strength material and new processing technique; it can adapt various harsh working conditions under the severe mining requirements. Its bottom body also get structure strengthen strength and designed as optimized bottomshell, which can bear more load. In short, its heavy structure design can guarantee its serviceability, reliability and service life under the extremely severe and bad working condition. 

The biggest highlight of new type cone crusher is that it has the hydraulic controlled main shaft and the reliable Hongxing intelligent crush idea; its hydraulic discharging automatic adjust system and control system can improve the connect adjustment in the full load under the condition of crush equipment on load run adjust that make sure it is in the best capacity and processing property.

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