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New requirements for the disposition of construction trash

Author: HXJQTime: 7/21/2012 3:02:09 AM

In recent years, along with the “crunchy building”, “collapse road” and “demolishing and building frequently”, a great number of construction trash is inevitable to be generated. Therefore, the garbage is produced at the speed of hundreds of millions of tons every year. Nevertheless, it can be seen everywhere that these building rubbish is buried simply and piled up arbitrarily that make the “garbage siege” approach to us quickly.

When the sustainable development is becoming more and more important, piling up and landfills have gone against with life concept of creating low carbon, environmental protection and energy conservation and emission reduction. Hence, it is urgent to dispose of the trash during development. So it comes to us how to deal with it.

As a matter of fact, the construction trash is chiefly composed of solid wastes, which can be reused through crushing and screening. In other words, the construction rubbish can be turned into building materials via professional disposition, such as brick, stone and concrete. They can replace the sand to apply in masonry mortar and front mortar after being crushed; after being crushed, the waste concrete block can be blended with the standard sand to plaster the wall and ground, in roof mortar leveling and masonry mortar, to make floor tile etc. that have greatly save the energy as well as the resources, achieving clean production and self-closing recycle economical industry chain. This also can protect the environment of the human beings to realize the sustainable development—a virtuous road to realize economic benefit and social benefit thus creating a maximal wealth.

On the disposal of the construction trash, Henan Hongxing has done a comprehensive analysis of the garbage. It has developed a specialized mobile crushing station which is able to transform rubbish into “gold” answering the environmental requirements. This device embraces receiving materials, crushing, and conveying function together with low noise, no dust contamination, and small covering realizing high efficiency, saving energy and environmental protection. According to the engineers in our company, job reluctance never happened in this series of crushers during refuse processing. Its advantages can be displayed fully in the process of work. Moreover, the disposed construction trash is counted as a real hero no matter in building aggregate or paving the road.