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Impact crusher enlarges calcium carbonate usage

Author: HXJQTime: 7/11/2012 12:42:08 AM

Mining machinery is an important component of the heavy industry, which plays a very important role in the national economy. It offers systemic equipments for the coal, metallurgy electricity, equipment, as well as electricity, metallurgy, shipbuilding, military, light industry, textile, pharmaceutical and other industries.

China has abundant calcium carbonate. Calcium carbonate, commonly known as limestone, is a highly versatile and valuable resource. It has prospects for development in the ore market and it can be got after crushing and milling the natural limestone, calcite, chalk and other shellfish. It is commonly used inorganic fillers for its good stability, high inert and not easy to have chemical reaction. The plastics industry is the most mature industry to use calcium carbonate which is mainly used for high-grade plastic products. It can also be used in paper, rubber, paint, industrial pigments and other industries.

The process of calcium carbonate production; First, use impact crusher crush the limestone, then select suitable mill to grind the stones, use classifier to screen the powder. The powder which meets the requirements will be packaged as standard products; the unqualified products will be return to the mill for secondary processing.

But in the practice production, for the raw materials are always wet, it has high requirements on the discharge capacity on the impact crusher. The impact crusher made by Hongxing has special advantages on crushing calcium carbonate such as large cavity, strong impact force, and seamless connectivity, all of them has ensured that the crusher can work smoothly when the materials has higher humidity.

The calcium carbonate processed by Hongxing impact crusher is the high-quality raw material for the production of coated paper, copy paper, and newsprint. Nowadays it has been the good alternatives for the wood.

Hongxing impact crusher can handle the materials with the length of 100-150mm, and the highest compressive strength can reach 350Mpa. Hongxing impact crusher has the following characteristics: highly automatic, high compression ratio, high efficiency, large processing quantity, cubic shape of finished product with minimum needle and slice shaped product, high compression strength without inner crack.

All in all, Hongxing impact crusher is always your best choice and reliable partner.