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Analysis to improve continuous operation time of mining machines

Author: HXJQTime: 7/7/2012 1:26:14 AM

Load torque characteristics of mining production machinery means the relationship of speed N and the corresponding load torque ML: N=f (ML). Electric drive production machinery is appears as a motor load. Usually mechanical load torque production characteristics are for short of load torque characteristics, or load characteristic.

Load characteristics of the production machinery can be divided into three kinds of situations: no relationship of load torque and speed; ratio change of speed and load torque; the speed changes quadratic equations proportion with load torque.

As for impact crusher, the load torque falls into resistance torque and cogging torque.

When the sensor is installed on detected objects or entering the medium to be measured, it will absorb energy or interference from the object and the medium. The physical quantity to be measured is deviation from true value, thus making it impossible to achieve the desired measurements, this is known as load characteristic of testing device (load effect).   Load effect occurs not only between the sensor and the measured objects, but exists between two stages of measuring device. Load effect of measuring instruments has its inherent characteristics. Therefore, when design and build measurement systems, we have to consider its impact reduces to the minimum, so as to improve test accuracy.

Instantaneous load characteristics are generally indicated by a transient load curves. Although the accuracy of that method is poor, it is simple and intuitive, practical and user-friendly. Instantaneous load curve represents that when a focus occurs in a rectifier case, it is corresponding to a certain voltage (peak), which allows a maximum tube current (relationship between the average exposure time curve, different mining equipment has different curves.

The continuous load characteristics of mining equipment are generally represented with heating and cooling curves. Each mining machine has a rated maximum thermal capacity. In accordance with this value, we determine the continuous operation time of mining equipment, such as jaw crusher, cone crusher. Corresponds to a certain amount of heat generation rate, the relationship curve of anode heat accumulation and time is called the heating curve of mining equipment (ball mill). Both curves of the maximum thermal capacity of mining equipment are drew in the same diagram, which reflects the continuous load characteristics of cone crushers used mining equipment.

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