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How to indentify if your equipment consistent with specifications?

Author: HXJQTime: 7/6/2012 1:14:27 AM

As for sand washer manufacturer, you had better hand check your mining machinery.

Following situations are taken as good condition: 1. Your equipment equipped with spring pad ring or similar things. 2. The clearance and creepage distance shall be up to GB 1497 specification. The clearance of machine is related to voltage, device specification and pollution grade. All of this is stated in product instruction. And the creepage distance of machine has something to do with voltage, device specification and insulating material grade.

If you need green certification, (note: low-power machines for industrial and similar uses). External parts of machine insulating materials such as non-metal junction box, cooling fan and current-carrying parts for installation, must be highly enough heat-resistance. Because once insulating materials suffering high temperature, it will endanger the safety of machines.

There is another method to check if equipment but ceramic materials meet requirement. You can use steel ball with diameter 5mm penetrating to the plane with 20N, and specimens placed horizontal. Put it in the oven, when the oven temperature reached 75 ± 2 ° c, you keep the ball leaving the specimen. And then immerse it in water, cooled to room temperature in 10s. So, the

Non-metal parts should have adequate ability of fire resistance and preventing combustion expansion capability. I would like to introduce you something about sand maker installation adjustment and its performance testing points.

Sand maker adjustment

Before coming out of factory, pebble sand making machine has already finished 8 hours running no-load. Generally speaking, all the parts are normal. Even though, after sand maker installation preparation completed, you still need to do a overall test to the machine.

1. Check the oil pipe and guarantee it is securely attached. You should add oil again before commissioning.

2. Check the connected parts, which should be solid and reliable. Please carefully inspect the impeller and remove any foreign objects.

3. Check and guarantee proper motor wiring, and normal voltage (380V ± 5%). 

4. Before installing the belt, you should start the motor. Rotary to be consistent with the direction of sand making machine signs (that is, seen from mouth, the impeller counterclockwise) If signs the opposite direction, motor wiring should be adjusted, making it spin as the same direction as sign. It must not be allowed to rotate in the opposite direction.