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Low-carbon green roll crusher is easy to operate

Author: HXJQTime: 6/27/2012 3:26:40 AM

The clinker roll crusher is a primary component to drive the grate motor, it is mainly composed of cylinder body, roller, speed measuring device and the transmission. The roller crusher has several rollers, each is installed with a roller shell. And it is easy to extract each roller to change the roller shell. Furthermore, every roller is drived by a helical gear motors with a planetary reducer.

Clinkers fall from the grate bed onto the roll crusher, the fine particles fall into the discharge chute between the rollers, while the larger blocks are crushed by the roller. A roll crusher has several rollers, the adjacent two rotate against with each other and the relative rotating couple forms a crushing unit, several crushing unite like this complete the crushing work. The rotation direction of the roller closest to the discharge port is clockwise while the farthest one is anticlockwise, those two rollers’ rotation is irreversible.

The drive current of each roller is set with a limit, when encountering extreme hard or large materials, the roller will reverse automatically when the current overloads to protect the roller shell from getting damaged. The reverse operation is as follows:

1. Under normal conditions, the roller stops with its paired roller on the outside, performing the following actions in the middle of them. 

2. The action roller stops for t1 then reverses for t2 to get stopped. 

3. For another t1, this pair of rollers re-starts and rotates in normal working status. 

4. It will send out an alarming signal when the times of the reverse operation surpass n in t3. 

The above procedures are controlled automatically via the program. When it alarms, the maintenance staff should find the problems through the manhole and the observation hole. Then the roll crusher can be re-started after the troubleshooting is completed. 

If the working status is abnormal, the roll crusher must be stopped when there’s no one pair rotates with each other but crushes the clinkers.