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Disk grain making machine has different forcing methods

Author: HXJQTime: 6/20/2012 5:29:39 PM

Disk grain making machine has obvious impact effect during the operation, and it can impact ores repeatedly driven by the transmission of working parts. So the impact strength of the machine will be the first problem we must consider. For the different forcing methods, the machine must be treated differently, and we must do rational analysis on the basis of clear distinction. In general the forcing method of disk grain making machine can be divided into press, split, broken, grinding peel and impact. Since the forcing method is different, the ore strength also has difference in the operating.

Specially, for the crushing work, we must take the compressive strength as the primary considerations; for the spilt work, we should pay attention to its tensile strength; for broken work, the bending strength of ores should be noticed. The ore is not composed of a single substance but a variety of minerals. The physical properties of various minerals are different, and sometimes the difference is very large. When crushing such more complex ores, the variety minerals have various crushing situation. Some require fairly thick, and some need relatively small. We should understand the mechanical properties of ores and the forcing method of disk grain making machine at first, then select the appropriate forcing method. Only in this situation can we get better crushing effect.

Based on the different of material mechanical properties, there are kinds of disk grain making machines designed according to the different nature of broken objects. The advantage of this is we can improve the efficiency of mining machinery in the real production and get the optimal crushing effect to obtain the best benefits.