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MVP cone crusher has gained enough crushing efficacy

Author: HXJQTime: 6/17/2012 8:48:24 PM

There are plenty of old mining enterprises, some of these cone crushers are obsolete requiring transformation. When designing the crushing chamber, the following requirements should be satisfied no matter what kind of the crushing chamber it belongs to: to guarantee the production capacity that the crusher required; to ensure the product’s granularity to confirm to the demands, that is, products should possess certain fineness, evenness and grain shape; not easy to be blocked; the liner’s abrasion ought to be as even as possible. The chamber’s transformation is an effective device, only adopting the new-type chamber liner that the aims of reducing the product granularity, saving electricity or increasing production can be achieved. The MVP cone crusher adopts the rolling bearing to support itself, using the foregoing eccentric structure to drive the crushing cone. While the crusher employs a laying-type installation, the balancing mass is located at the bottom of the dynamic cone. The prominent features are: main shaft of the dynamic cone is able to bear greater crushing power, the cone body is easy to extract, and it is convenient to change the quick-wear part—the dynamic cone liner, which improves the working environment of the lubrication system as well as promotes the reliability. Compared with these traditional ones, there’s a fundamental change from the MVP cone crusher that it adopts crossing axis rotation, and it has surmounted the problem that the stroke of the feed port of traditional cone crushers is short, ensuring both a sufficient compression stroke for the materials after entering the crushing chamber and uniform distribution of the materials. Therefore, enough crushing force as well as better crushing effect can be obtained.

Through changing the static cone liner and the dynamic cone liner, the MVP cone crusher can get extra coarse, coarse, medium-fine, fine and ultrafine chamber to meet the demand of various customers and provide great convenience for them. The customers can adopt one model to decrease the accessories’ amount. The cone crusher is a relatively ideal crusher, for it is able to perform a standard secondary crushing work as well as the fine and superfine crushing work.