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Simple design vibrating feeder has high stability

Author: HXJQTime: 6/14/2012 1:25:49 AM

As an integral machinery equipment in the industrial development, vibrating feeder has had good development in recent years. Especially in the industries of metallurgy, mining and building materials, simply designed structure, stably and uniformly feeding, good continuous performance feeding equipment has played a very important role. As new equipment, in order to provide more convenient services in industrial production, the exciting force of the equipment is designed to be adjustable according to demand, which greatly facilitates the feeding operation. It is widely used in the fields of mining product line, and could continuously and uniformly feed for the crushing equipment, thus effectively reducing the occurrence of spout clogging of the crusher and specifically designed for uniformly conveying large piece of materials for crusher. The vibrating feeder is with double eccentric shaft vibration exciter, which ensures that the equipment can withstand the impact of the whereabouts of the bulk material and greatly enhances the feeding capacity.

In specific production processes, vibrating feeder could stably send massive, granular materials from the storage silo to the feeding device, and thus avoiding the phenomenon of double crash suspending operations being affected by the uneven feeding, which on the one hand, extends the using time of the equipment, on the other hand, ensures the smooth proceeding of the industrial production. The commonly seen feeding structure can be divided into the steel structure and the grate structure, and commonly used feeding equipment in the production line is of steel structure in which all the materials could be evenly sent into the crushing equipment. The grate structure feeder gives a coarse screening of materials to make the system convenient and economic, which is essential equipment in the crushing and screening process. The new and improved equipment provides effective feeding equipment to run the new model for many industrial production areas.

Along with the improvement of manufacturing technology in the industrial production, the demand for large capacity, high efficiency and reliable operation industrial equipment is growing. Especially the rising market demand for high-capacity feeder needs urgently high efficiency mechanical equipment. And the promoted equipment with technical content is an example of perfect combination of professional feeder technology and machinery creation, and the full embodiment of new technology and new methods. The vibrating feeder combines the latest materials science, manufacturing processes, hydraulic technology, computer technology, the IT advantage into one, making the update cycle of the equipment parts shorter and welcome by more and more customers.