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Long history of high-manganese steel application to anti-wear materials

Author: HXJQTime: 6/14/2012 12:19:53 AM

Cone crusher usually is used in mining ore beneficiation, medium crushing and tertairy crushing. The moving cone liner, fixed cone liner and ore minerials form a three-dimensional abrasivation, so that the liner surface is in a state of complex stress and force. The broken stone gives liner surface a great compressive stress. At the same time, high speed moving cone liner generates huge shear stress. These two kinds of stresses do chisel cut, cutting, and impact extrusion pit on liner board, which is the main force method. Therefore, as for liner material, we requires not only high surface hardness against chisel edge, but also high strength and toughness. As the different working site condition, especially the ore hardness value is different, 3 kinds of stresses systems are also different from each other. At present, we usually choose high-manganese steel as cone crusher liner board.

Since a English, Hatfield has researched austenitic high-manganese steel successfully in 1883, the material had been given "wear resist steel", now is widely used in wear resistant parts in all walks.  

This steel possesses Austenitic microstructure at room temperature, also known as austenitic high manganese steel. The vast majority of high-manganese steel used for castings. Its microstructure of high-manganese steel guaranteed wear resistance. The chemical composition of the high manganese steel N1, C = 1 2% 4%, Mn = Il% to 14%, P ≤ 0.06%, Si = 0.5% 1 0%, S ≤ O. 03%. High manganese steel castings should be preheated before putting in use. The heated treatment hardness is HB = 179-229. After quenching, the hardness of high-manganese steel is not high, but the strong impact force or pressure will produce hardening phonomenon, the hardness value can be increased to HB = 450 - 550. Hardening is formed just at surface 3-6 mm in depth. This is the reason to high manganese steel's high resistant. High-manganese steel was first used in the production of anti-wear pieces for more than 100 years, which has good strength, toughness, hardening when in use, resistance to abrasive wear, so until now it is still in application.