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Application Advantages of Gangue Crusher Should Be Understood From Another Angle

Author: HXJQTime: 6/11/2012 6:33:19 PM

The gangue crusher equipment is important for power generation companies to deal with pulverized coal products, which is not only used to professionally crush pulverized coal products, but also can be used in cement, metallurgy, chemical and milling system of other related industries. Of course, this equipment is most used in crushing coal of all kinds of hardness, which is the necessary equipment in the production of coal. We can see the gangue crusher both in the factories specializing in the production of coal and places that make coal as the main material and have great demand.

Stable structure and easy to maintain is two major advantages of the gangue crusher. We should pay attention to these followings in order to consolidate and maintain two major advantages. "Easing burden" means reducing the amount of feeding ore of the machine and the amount of ore through the mill. At the same time, the regulation of the amount of using water at any time is also very important. We should adjust and control the amount of water according to the actual operating conditions. "Moderate" means that the concentration of the grinding must be moderate and controlled strictly. The adverse effects of too much or too little concentration will both bring bad results. Too high concentration will lead that the flowing rate of the slurry is too slow. The impact effect of the media affected will be greatly weakened. The particle size of the finished product will become thicker and there will be the phenomenon of "bloating" in severe cases. Too low concentration will cause the high frequency of the operation of the machine and high energy consumption. Besides, the granularity of the finished products can not reach the production requirements. As a result, developing good operating practices is not only favorable for the maintenance of the machine itself, but also good for improving the operating efficiency and the quality of the products.

It is worth noting that if the nature of the ore changes, the amount of the feeding should be changed according to the actual conditions. Nothing is static. The increase of the amount of feeding ore and the coarse feeding will both exceed the device's operational capability. Then accidents will be inevitable in the production. Therefore, regardless of any application, good mining equipment has a hundred merits and no a single demerit for improving the awareness level of the equipment and developing good operating habits.

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