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Keep clean to improve working accuracy of thrust button installation

Author: HXJQTime: 6/11/2012 6:16:39 PM

If seen from opposite side, there are two situations making the boards produce large force during crusher operation. One is the upper centrum force area, which is used in extra big ore and cracks near the cross section. The other is discharging open force area, which is used for iron ore and is broken by blogging force.

The reason for that is convenience. Due to scarcely check the entering rock, there are often extra ore and iron ore entering into crusher, thereby often the spindle fracture accident happens. Above all, users should try to avoid extra size ore and iron entering into crusher, so that improve the principal axis reliability, prolong service time and reduce economic loss. An ore dressing factory failed gyratory cone crusher operation when initial stage of production because of the serious wore of thrust button.

The reason analysis and solution: Under heavy load, low pressure state, thrust button pushes plane sliding thrust bearing at low speed. Owing to low speed, liquid lubrication is replaced by boundary lubrication. Sometimes, the inappropriate contact can produce localized contact, which increases pressure, destroys lubrication conditions and makes wear worse.

The solution to that problem is perfect sealing, keeping lubricating oil clean, improving working accuracy of thrust button installation. Originally, the levelness radial error of footwall installation is 0.8-1mm. After improving, the error range is 1.3-1.5 mm. When checking, we should guarantee the error of vertical degree between machine axis and hanging wall, middle game and footwall no more than the error range. Meanwhile, it can avoid middle game being out of shape and contact area reduction by using scraping and finish turning method. Thus it can guarantee over 80% of the contact area and uniform contacting area distribution. Put the spare middle game on platform to avoid its being out of shape. Adjusting tooth gear gap and the gasket in use should be processed carefully to guarantee the levelness of footwall.

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