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Elected concentrate fine ore operation should depend on different nature

Author: HXJQTime: 6/10/2012 6:28:04 PM

In order to separate the useful minerals and gangue minerals, we should first crush phosphate rock, so that the phosphate material is in monomer separation state, which is called "single separation degree". Only in the dissociation case can we select phosphate material. Therefore, usually the ore should first experience crushing and grinding operation before concentration operation. Finally, the finished product is higher phosphorus which is called the phosphate concentrate.

Now that the concentrate is elected, the remaining products, including the low content of phosphate compounds, is usually called tailings. In this process, we sometimes separate a part of semi-finished products, which needs further processing is called middling mine. The phosphate concentrate produced by cone crusher contains large amounts of water, so it needs dehydration and drying for use and transportation.

Generally, the entire dressing process usually includes crushing, grinding, ore concentration and product dehydration.

The purpose of the recovery processing is recycling phosphorus ore minerals to maximum extend. The completion of this election process is measured by the weight proportion of phosphorus pentoxide of concentrates in that of original ore.

According to the difficulty degree in crushing, ore can be divided into three types: hard ore, middle hard ore and soft ore. Most of the Phosphate ore belong to the middle hard ore. According to different ore natures, we need to adopt different designs of crusher machies.

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