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Hongxing jaw crusher - the guardian of Qinghai-Tibet railway

Author: HXJQTime: 5/31/2012 2:54:14 AM

Whether the Qinghai-Tibet railway can withstand the test of harsh natural conditions has always been the hotspot for East and West media since it was officially opened to traffic on July1, 2006. The speed of train in the permafrost zone generally reaches 50 kilometers for the special geographical environment. Compared with the permafrost zone in Canada and Russia, the Qinghai-Tibet plateau has unique and complex geographical conditions such as low latitude, strong sunshine and frequent geological activities. Permafrost is the key problem, and it decides whether the Qinghai-Tibet Railway can successfully construct and whether its quality is high.

Serious cold, hypoxia, frozen and almost no necessary infrastructure; all of them are the great challenges for the Hongxing Jaw crusher. But the most difficult project can be a self-improvement process and bring far-reaching significance to Hongxing Mining Machinery Co., LTD. 

Hongxing will never make compromise on the technology and expertise. Hongxing team finally research and develop a new type jaw crusher which was successfully used in the construction and maintenance of Qinghai-Tibet railway after overcoming so many difficulties. 

Hongxing jaw crusher supplier provide technical training according to the user’s condition, provide tracking service of quality for the key customer, visit customers periodically, and improve the function of products continuously to meet the customer’s requirement, and improve the quality of products continuously. 

Hongxing jaw crusher supplier ensure to provide the superior quality of before-sale, sale, and after-sale service, and also to introduce detail properties and operating requirement to customers before sale. 

The manager of Qinghai-Tibet maintenance company Wang Zhiwei said, the railway roadbed has stable state without big change since the opening and operation, especially in the permafrost section. The six years operation fully indicates: Hongxing jaw crusher is the best guardian of the Qinghai-Tibet railway!

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