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The Development Direction of Crusher Industry in 2012

Author: HXJQTime: 5/28/2012 8:09:29 PM

According to the analysis by Hongxing Market Commissioner, this year, the jaw crusher industries generally keep the good growth trend since the fourth quarter of 2011, but because of the overall poor domestic and international macroeconomic environment, crusher industry still takes heavy pressure. At the same time, the rising steel prices since April has eroded some of the industry profits, the industry situation is not optimistic as a whole. Now, let’s work together to analyze the favorable and unfavorable factors affect jaw crusher industry this year and the relevant solutions.

First of all, recently, measures took by the State Council bring favorable factors.  500 billion funds gradually put in place, which makes the railway construction to return to work, therefore, high-speed rail and rapid transit will be the main factors stimulate crusher industry in the next few years.  The construction of high-speed passenger line ensures a sustainable and stable investment on the field in the next 3-5 years. The urbanization process in China will also boost the demand for urban rail subway. These all will lead to the growth in demand for sand and gravel, and simultaneously stimulate the growth of sand maker. 

While, the regulation of real estate slow down the growth of fixed asset investment, which will make an adverse effect on aggregate material production thereby affecting the input of crushing equipment.  

Therefore, the situation that crusher industry faces is still grim this year—not only caused by the deterioration of global economic and the relevant regulatory policy, but also by the increased costs which caused by rising raw material prices, so industry profit margins shrinks. 

Confront of such a development situation, China's crusher manufacture must implement new development strategies, develop viable product strategy and marketing strategy,  control costs, reduce waste, improve efficiency and transform manufacturing direction to the core  and large-market-demand products. At the same time, continuously improve service quality, adhere to the “technology first” strategy, provide customers with high quality and efficient equipment to strive for more customer resources. I believe Hongxing machine will make unremitting efforts, against difficulties to seek greater development space.

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