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New cement dedicates more force to construction

Author: HXJQTime: 5/23/2012 7:49:43 PM

Impact Crusher is suitable for crushing all kinds of materials, such as soft and medium hard ore. Impact crusher is able to do rough broken, medium broken and fine crushing operations. We use impact crusher, jaw crusher and ball mill to process slag, coal gangue and fly ash, which can replace limestone to produce cement. A new kind of cement made from clay high alumina materials and industrial residues (such as slag, fly ash, coal gangue), which are added with 5% special additives in condition of 700 degrees firing temperature. The energy consumption is only half of ordinary cement consumption. This cement does not require limestone, and coal combustion can be reduced by 50%, so dust and exhaust are reduced greatly. In addition, 50% of the raw material is waste residue, the pull and fold strength of this cement label is 2 to 3 times higher than the ordinary cement. For example, this new cement used in roads construction just needs half the thickness of the ordinary cement.

It is necessary to weed out backward cement production for structural adjustment of cement industry, which is inevitable choice for the low-carbon economic development path. In cement batching process, we have to make full use of industrial wastes to replace original raw materials or mixed materials. It is not only harmless to waste disposal, but also reducing the non-renewable resources consumption.

This new kind of cement being used in road construction can save considerable funds each year. No cracking is another characteristic of this cement. Because it contains no crystal water, the cement can't cause explosion when at fire. It can be used to build tunnels and building high-rise building. Moreover, it does not corrode in the salt, acid rain environment, neither reinforced internal structure; The cement can be cured underwater operations in one hour, which can use it to rescue and seawalls construction. Besides, this cement color never changes. As mineral colors don't faded in any environment, white is the color of china clay, red is clay color. It is reported that the cement does not need to invest in building new factory, we can use our existing production capacity and equipment production, and in that case, it can reduce 2/3 of the cost. Gravel production line equipment use innovative technology, which makes sand crushing production efficiency generally increase step by step. We look forward that the new cement can transport fresh blood for the whole fantasy manufacturing industry to bring more vitality.