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Sand maker innovates in basic to achieve market

Author: HXJQTime: 5/22/2012 6:44:18 PM

This year, the mining machinery industry in China has maintained steady trend, although it has increased, the growth is far less than the past two years. So, was it high time for us to consider the problems of manufacturing service and basic technology exist in crusher production industry?

As a whole, the world economy was ups and downs, but has a slight improvement, Such developed economies as Europe, America, Japan began to slowly recover from economic depression. Chinese enterprises obtained a little success in exploring potential markets (such as India, ASEAN, South America, etc.), as a result, the demand for cone crusher and ball mill will increase.

In terms of Chinese steel industry, at present, the international level is very low. For example, South Korea Pohang is vigorously expanding the Southeast Asian market, but the other way around, Baofeng Steel Company, the first one in China took action to build factories in Brazil in 2007, it was finally declared mortality. Indeed, while China's economic slowdown, this year it is still expected to maintain high growth of over 9%, not a low figure. In fact, it is the growth pattern that more important than the growth figures. For these years, iron ore price has been higher and higher. In addition to mining monopoly, the situation should also be blamed to Chinese big appetite. At any rate, this will impact China mining industry to a certain degree.

 Therefore, at present there are three gaps for China's construction machinery manufacturing industry:

 First, it exist problems in the source of technology. The three main sources of technology are social and public research platform, enterprise independent technology and digestion and absorption of the introduction technology from overseas. And among the three sources, the social and public research platform is absent. Due to science and technology system reform, the originally public industrial research institutions turned into personal enterprises and make profit for themselves. So, the Chinese machinery industry is lack of common technology to share.

 Second, the role of innovation entities in the innovation process is obviously inadequate;

 Third, at present, the domestic construction machinery R & D expenditure intensity is small, and experimental and testing platform investment is clearly not enough. Experiments are not enough, certainly not enough the data accumulated. Industry can't be innovative without database support.

 Therefore it is recommended that mining machinery industry should adapt to international market demand changes, and adjust and optimize the structure of exported products. Besides, develop the potential market, emphasis on the impact of European sovereign debt crisis. Thus, we can make improvement both in product innovation and products exporting.

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