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The analysis of vibrating screen at home in 2012

Author: HXJQTime: 5/21/2012 11:09:27 PM

The vibrating screen is widely used, almost reaching every aspect of our life in processing and manufacturing various kinds of it. It is mainly used in mining, coal, smelting, building material, refractory material, light industry, chemical industry, medicine as well as provisions etc. At present, the vibrating screen has penetrated every walk of life and brought a great deal of convenience to us at the same time.

It has been applied in metallurgy, mining, building material, water conservancy and road construction. According to the statistics of the market, among these 8220 machines, 2660 belong to huge vibrating ones.

At the moment, among no more than 100 domestic producers of vibrating equipments most are small enterprises. They manufacture approximate 3000 to 4000 sets. Along with the improvement of the producing process and manufacturing technology, high capacity, high efficiency as well as the reliable checkout facility especially the screening of the material large-scale capability. Therefore, all these including the amount of the equipment, lessening vibration, decreasing the cost of the facility and management and reducing the initial investment from the equipment factory are aiming at the same target that implementing automatic detection and control. Among the 2600 sets of huge vibrating equipments , China has taken a share of 40 percent. Among the 1040 sets , only 150 sets of the facility with high capacity can be produced each year. What an amazing gap between supply and demand.

A complete statistics shows that at present the number of heavy-duty screen manufacturer as well as parts and accessories producers has ascended to more than 400. The amount of related vibrating industries has increased gradually which paves the way for the expanding of China’s vibrating field.