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How to improve after-sale service quality

Author: HXJQTime: 5/18/2012 7:07:31 PM

Living in an increasingly competitive time, in order to hold the palm, ball mill manufacturer need to improve service quality. So what should we do to improve the quality of after-sale service?

 1. Improve the overall quality of after-sales service staff; make a comprehensive and systematic training to the entire sales departments. First, make systematic, standardized service standards; second, make professional ball mill skills training and customer satisfaction training to technical staff and maintenance staff.

 2. Supply high quality product, make service quality and product quality double assurance. Qualified product is the basic requirements of the customers and also the postulate to satisfy customer. If a company is able to supply long-term high quality product, it somehow create an invisible brand, increase customer reliability and services satisfaction, promoting its own brand image.

3. Do regular return visit, build service and customer satisfaction files.

 To do a return visit to the customer regularly, understand the psychological needs of the customers, listen to their suggestions, do a good job record, and build customer profiles, that can create new business opportunities and at the same time point out a new development direction or provide a favorable basis for the overall development direction and long-term strategic objectives.

4. Simplifies feedback process, rapidly feedback customer information. 

To do this, sales staff must put himself in the customer perspective to consider the feedback process, simplify the tedious, cumbersome process and steps. Cultivate a vigorous and resolute, high-efficient service style. 

 In summary, improving after-sales service has a significant role in promoting enterprises development. Hongxing machine will continually improve ball mill quality, at the same time, strive to improve service quality, providing our customers with the best quality service!