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Two important components of concentrator

Author: HXJQTime: 5/9/2012 11:33:32 PM

The machine is consisted of two parts: round concentration pond and harrow mud scraper. Solid particle suspending in the slurry precipitates with gravity. Upper part is clear water, which flood from the top overflow wire, the bottom sedimentation slurry will be scraped to discharge mouth at the center of the bottom by harrow mud scraper, that’s the concentration process. The slurry with certain thickness continuously flows at determined rate to concentration pond, the mud scraper runs stably to scrape the pulp. So the concentrator is long-term continuous working dehydrating water equipment.

The concentrator is usually used for dehydrating water of the concentration and gangue before filtering process in the concentrating factory. It can also be used for concentration and purification of pulp with solid particles in coal, chemical, building, and source of water and sewage treatment industries. Sometimes the machine is used for concentrating middling ore product, increasing the feeding concentration and improving dressing result for next production process. 

The discharge concentration depends on concentrated materials’ density, particle size, mineral components and time period in concentration pond. Middling ore with density of 2.8—2.9t/m3 can be concentrated to 30%-50%, and concentrate with density of 4-4.5 t/m3 can be concentrated to 60-70%. When the concentrator is used for dehydrating water, its product is clean water, the solid content of it below 0.5%, and the discharged mud index is 20%—30%. 

The structure and main parameter of center driven concentrator (see general drawing). The concentration pond’s structure is per foundation drawing. 

Concentration pond is made of reinforced concrete, construction and acceptance inspection accords to foundation drawing. The downflow weir and the top edge should be horizontal. All the prepared holes must promise correct location. The prepared hole of bottom discharge must be concentric with the pond. 

For the convenience of transport, the concentrator can be delivered to user as components, and the user complete the installation at work site.

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