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Dynamic vertical dryer technological innovation brings development opportunities for Hongxing

Author: HXJQTime: 5/5/2012 5:28:04 PM

Scientific and technology constitute the primary productive force. Any enterprises cannot develop without scientific innovation. Technological innovation of dynamic vertical dryer is the fruit of research and techniques of Hongxing Company. Once it appears in the market, it is welcomed by customers, so it has brought a new development opportunity to Hongxing Company.

Technological innovation of dynamic vertical dryer:

(1) It adopts drying principles and methods of high efficiency vertical dryer as well as the principles of mass balance and heat balance, it keeps external static simplified style heat preservation, its internal heat exchange device install design can adapt high yield efficiency heat exchange device, and respectively adopt anti blocking vibrating cloth device, vibrating flow adjusting device, rotary material crushing devices, inside and outside ring air inlet device, which solves the blocking thoroughly.

(2) Reducing structure: cement industry dry method production line produces a lot of waste heat gas with the temperature lower than 350℃。The reuse of this waste heat gas will contribute to reducing of energy and lowering cost. In the past, due to the defect of rotary dryer, waste heat gas cannot be reused effectively; however, through reducing structure, dynamic vertical dryer can broaden the diameter of preheating zone, lower wind speed, largen evaporation space and at the same time control the retention period via different Deck basin and Deck cone, so as to realize the Maximum Efficiency of residual-heat utilization.

(3) Detection system: through online detection of material moisture and gas temperature of preheating zone, drying zone and arid zones by  drying detection system, it can balance and control material, wind, coal automatically, it also can adjust the  system parameter of heat capacity, air input, secondary hot air distribution material intercepting  and  retention period online, so that to achieve technology parameters dynamic optimum balance, and improve the utilization ration of heat energy of the system.