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How to solve the problem - the bucket chain has too much reclaim

Author: HXJQTime: 4/28/2012 2:07:42 AM

The feed back of bucket elevator refers to the phonomenon which the material in the discharge location is not fully discharged in the outside of machine, and part of the material goes back to the base of the hoist. In the enhancing process, if the reclaim is too much, it will reduce the production efficiency. At the same time, it will waste energy to crush the material.

The reasons for causing much reclaim are as follows:

1.  The hopper runs too fast.

Enhance different material, the speed of the hopper is different. Generally speaking, when enhance the dry powder and pellets, the speed of the hopper is 1~2m/s; when enhance the bulk material, the speed of the hopper is 0.4~0.6m/s; when enhance the wet powder and pellets, the speed of the hopper is 0.6~0.8m/s. If the hopper runs too fast, the discharge will be in advance, which causes the feed back. At this time, it is better to reduce the speed of the hopper according to the material, avoiding to feed back.

2. The unsuitable installation of the export unloading tongue board.

If the tongue board is too far away from the hopper, it will cause the feed back. It is better to adjust the position of the tongue board, avoiding to feed back.

3. The hopper with a tear.

The belt of elevator hopper is usually a canvas belt, sometimes is a tape or chain. Under the combined effects of the various fault, the canvas belt and tape is easy to tear, which is one of the most serious fault. Generally, the line deflection of hopper belt and the falling off of hopper will cause the tearing of hopper. It is better to  find out the reason timely, and then remove the faults. In addition, if the material mixed with foreign material with sharp edges, it also will cause the teaing of hopper belt. Therefore, in the process of production, it should install steel mesh or magnet material inlet to prevent large piece of foreign matter from falling into the docking station.