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Four technology patents of Hongxing vibrating screen

Author: HXJQTime: 4/24/2012 2:06:03 AM

Spiral classifier, circular vibrating screen and vibrating screen are major equipment used for classification in mineral processing equipment. It is particularly important to select a reasonable screening equipment according to different production processes or production lines. Hongxing Machinery, as the most powerful processing equipment manufacturers, introduces the performance of the vibrating screen.

Vibrating screen (high frequency screen), which is composed by vibration exciter, pulp distributor, screen frame, rack, suspension springs and sieve etc., is mainly used for dry and wet sieving, grading and dewatering operations of various materials in various industries such as iron ore concentration, coal dressing, chemicals, brickmaking, food, pharmaceutical, caustic soda, fertilizers and paper etc.

 Hongxing Machinery vibrating screen has the following performance advantages:

1. Vibration exciter drives through the transmission mechanism the screen surface to do high-frequency vibration and the screen box remains static. Vibration system works in the near-resonant state. The whole machine is supported by damping, so that the ground is basically withstand dynamic load. The screen can work properly without foundation, so long as it is mounted directly on a solid flat surface or in ordinary steel platform. 

2. The screen surface frequency is 50Hz and vibration amplitude 0 to 2 mm. The vibration intensity is 8 to 10 times of acceleration of gravity, and 2 to 3 times of general mechanical vibrating screen. The surface of screen is of preventing blockage, high efficiency and large handling capacity, which is especially suitable for the screening of fine powder material and the classification size is 0.074 ~ 1mm.

3. Vibration transmission system uses high-quality flexible elastic material to link and long-term operation is reliable. The vibrating screen is energy-saving products, in which the power of a single vibration exciter is only 0.15kW. Commonly ore dressing uses 2420-type electromagnetic vibrating screen and the whole consumption power does not exceed 1.2kW /.

4. The side plate of sieve box is formed of bending a whole steel plate, which not only enhances the overall stiffness and reliability of the screen, but also makes the machine look better. At the same time, the vibrating screen can configure different types of control cabinet according to the different needs of customers, in order to achieve parameters set, remote centralized control, history and fault alarms and other additional features.