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Detailed introduction of the bearing problems of double-rotor impact crusher

Author: HXJQTime: 4/20/2012 2:34:57 AM

In the practical production process the bearing of crusher is easily to run into the inner ring or outer ring, which will result in the damage of shaft neck or shaft block. The staff must properly and timely solve this problem. There are many ways to deal with the trouble. Double-rotor impact crusher, for example, can be used the following ways such as surfacing, casement, thermal spraying, electric plating, sticky coating, etc. Different methods need different amount of manpower, material and financial resources. Of course, the results are also different.

Henan Hongxing double-rotor impact crusher is designed through continuous innovation and absorbing international advanced technology, mainly used in crushing limestone, gypsum and other brittle materials, with high reduction ratio, low energy consumption and high capacity. What's more we install a hydraulic coupling and opening device to reduce the starting load and protect the motor. Here we will introduce some methods to deal with the bearing problems.

1, surfacing: although there are kinds of surfacing electrode, its price is very high. If you choose inappropriate electrode or use improper measure, it will increase the cost and the difficulty of processing. 

2, casement: it need to calculate the strength and determine the minimum allowable diameter. Because the rotor system need overall disassembly and be processed by large-scale lathe. 

3, thermal spraying: this method needs high conditions, for the spindle is not easy to disassemble, the huge rotor is difficult to achieve the desired preheat temperature. Before turning, please strick the coating by using steel bar and evaluate the bounding strength of coating. The cost of spraying raw materials and turning processing is higher. 

4, electric plating: select the right size according to the damaged axis standard, and brush with chromium plating or nickle. The processing time, the cost of raw materials and working hours is higher.

5, sticky coating: this process save time, manpower and coast. The thickness can be from dozens of microns to dozens of millimeters. But it should select accurate industrial repairing adhesive. It can basically meet the maintenance needs. 

Through the above introduction we can see that the sticky coating process has good effect and saves time and effort, which has been selected by the majority of crusher manufacturers.