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Dryer Industry’s Avatar - Hongxing Slime Dryer

Author: HXJQTime: 4/15/2012 8:31:40 PM

I believe the film Avatar is familiar to us, whose box-office ratings soon surpasses another famous film Titanic after being released. Avatar captures the summit in film and television industry by its shocking images and special effects technology. So does in the dryer industry. If you want to stably stand in the increasingly hot industry, a trump card is especially necessary, just like the sayings:” comprehend what the others don’t know, master what the others know”.

Dryer plays increasingly important roles in all walks of life by its advantages of small range occupies and high discharge efficiency!  According to the needs of coal industry and feedbacks of coal mine owners, absorbing in the domestic and foreign advanced technology, Hongxing designs and researches a type of specialized   peat drying equipment, which matches with the coal’s features of high moisture, high viscosity, high holding aqueous, low calorific valve and internal structure of the original dryer,  not only improve the thermal efficiency, but also effectively prevent the adhesion of peat in the dryer and excessive dryness.

Slime dryer

The common slime dryer mainly composed by the heat, scattered device  belt feeder, feeders, rotary drum, belt discharging machine, draught fan , unloader and distribution cabinet. And Hongxing dryers have advantages of energy saving, environmental protection, high efficiency and high recovery rate.