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Technical Analysis of Hongxing Raymond Mill

Author: HXJQTime: 4/12/2012 10:23:42 PM

As Raymond mill is more and more widely used in mining industry, the needs of Raymond mill are also increased in various types of mineral processing. In 2011, our nation increased technical equipment investment on Raymond mill industry, among which, technical equipment increased at a speed of more than 20%; staff increased of 21%. Meanwhile, investment on large amounts of research team in domestic including research centers, research laboratories, engineering and technology research group also accelerated Raymond research.

The strength of basic prerequisite and necessary platform construction strongly impetus resources integration and sharing of Raymond mill. The current mills include 3R, 4R, 5R conventional Raymond, along with the input of scientific research, 7R Raymond has been used in mineral exploration industry.

The research of Raymond mill focuses on independent "innovation," which refers to a technological innovation, a kind of environment-protection innovation. Our country has been increasingly advocated environment-protection machinery. The mining industry itself is a mutual circulatory industry. Various mineral machinery used in the industry should be not only energy saving and environment-protection, but also people-oriented. That becomes the greatest test for mining companies. Hongxing Machinery boldly predicts that investment on mineral resource and mineral research institutions will be gradually enlarge and future machinery must be "people-oriented, energy saving and environmental protection".

With the technical expansion of Raymond mill, technical cooperation with the foreign will be further strengthened. Domestic scientific research, technological innovation, energy saving and environmental protection will be paid more attention. And the research culture also will be more concentrated.