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Hongxing Machinery: 2012 the heyday of high-speed rail brings great opportunities for impact crusher

Author: HXJQTime: 4/10/2012 10:31:52 PM

The "Great Leap Forward" era of China high-speed rail officially arrives in 2012. The construction of high-speed railway will enter the harvest period in 2010-2014. The rapid transportation network that is framework with "four vertical and four horizontal" is being formed, which marks the beginning of high-speed railway times. As one of the important initiatives to deal with the challenges of the economic downturn, Chinese government plans to invest 5 trillion RMB to improve railway facilities, most of which will be used to build 13,000 kilometers high-speed railway. The ministry of Railways has published this ambitious plan during the two sessions of this year. Such a large-scale high-speed railway construction and operation will have a significant impact on the future economic zone and industrial structure, and also correspondingly bring investment opportunities for related listed companies. The industrial chain of high-speed railway construction covers infrastructure, track-laying, vehicles and supporting facilities purchase, operation and maintenance. Starting from the three dimensions of benefit order, market capacity and profit margins, the order of sub-sectors according to the present benefit degree is: railway information equipment manufacturing, rail transportation equipment and parts manufacturing, high-speed railway construction, etc.

The rapid construction of high-speed railway can not do without the use of aggregate. Because its higher standards on the level and shape of concrete sand and gravel aggregate, especially for the content of needle and slice shaped basalt, the simple cone crusher or impact crusher processing can not meet the requirements. With more and more indicators, the domestic famous mining machinery enterprises Henan Hongxing lanched PXC series sand maker, PXL series cone crusher and the advanced stone production line which can fully meet the technical requirements. The third generation of sand maker is the necessary equipment for the production of high performance concrete aggregate and high quality stone. The materials shaped by this sand maker can fully meet the high requirements of high-speed railway construction.