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Performance characteristics analysis of hongxing heavy industry mining crushers

Author: HXJQTime: 4/10/2012 12:11:22 AM

Ore dressing equipments of hongxing heavy industry have plays an important role in our country’s infrastructure construction, and the grinding equipments in particular hold an important position in mineral processing production process of ore dressing. Experienced buildings Professionals know that in mining different strength ore need different crushers to crushing. Main crushers of hongxing heavy industry are jaw crusher, hammer crusher, impact crusher, vertical shaft and impact crusher, among them the jaw crusher of hongxing heavy industry occupies the high utilization ratio in the nationwide mining.

At present, crusher has a widely utilization in various kinds of ore dressing line and sand stone production line. The ore present irregular shape when it is mined with the big volume. So, we need to extract metal from the ore, and then we can make artificial sand, or other further processing. These processes will need jaw crusher to crushing the ores.

The following characteristics analysis is given by hongxing heavy industry for the jaw crusher. Firstly, the jaw crusher has the features of simple structure, guaranteed quality, low running cost, low noise, and little stone powder. Its gasket discharging end can adjust according to practice requirement which increase the flexibility greatly and has a wide applicable scope that can meet the requirement of different customers. in the environment protection and energy saving present social, jaw crusher of hongxing heavy industry has a superiority in energy saving, the single machine can save 15%-30% energy, and the whole system can saving above 50% energy, which reduce the operation cost and lower the burden of enterprises.