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Hongxing sand washer actively respond to the the influence of regulatory policy in real estate

Author: HXJQTime: 4/6/2012 8:36:27 PM

Our sand washer industry has indeed made remarkable achievements. Especially in recent years, sand washer enterprises pay more attention to the new product research and development, the construction of sales channels and the application of e-commerce. Although the sand washer industry has gradually become mature after the financial crises in 2010, the market was not always smooth. Due to the continuous pressure of the raw materials and the human resources cost, as well as the influence of the real estate market, domestic sand washer industry is facing unprecedented sales crisis.

For the domestic sand washer which is always considered as no brand, this is a problem whether to actively attack or defend to meet this crisis. Whether has the brand became an unprecedented bottleneck? The whole brand of China sand washer need to promotion especially for the raw materials and the design. Why does the the development of brand improve slowly? I think the Chinese is still relatively conservative. To establish a famous brand not only needs the courage, but also the capital, of course, does not rule out other external factors.

From the start of production to date, the development road of domestic sand washer brand is not easy. On the whole there is no systematic operation and no professional marketing team, which just depends on the business owners experience to grasp the development direction. But some of the big brands in foreign countries are all have specialized marketing team in the systematic operation. If the production area wants to built his own brand, it is important to have several big brans at first, and make the big brand to play the leading role to boost the overall quality.

In this case, as the representative of domestic sand washer enterprises Henan Hongxing Mining Machinery should adopt positive attitude and actively adjust the strategy to cope with this crisis, rather than sit back and wait. When it is the time for action, we must take positive measures, when ti is time for defend, we must take the measures to reduce the unnecessary investment, and maintain solid strength to deal with a downturn market.