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Hongxing Impact Crusher - Preferred Equipment of Artificial Sand Enterprise Transformation

Author: HXJQTime: 4/5/2012 5:37:54 PM

Han Ji, vice-chairmen and Secretary General of China Sandstone Association has said that the sandstone has a big requirement in engineering infrastructure, it has been called as rice of building industry, all the infrastructure like railway, road, bridge, and Room Construct need sand aggregate, and the rigid demand determines its indispensable place.

In The Export Side, due to the peripheral countries and regions, the import of sand requirement is increasing in China coastal areas and the sand price is increasing, too. However, the national restriction of natural sand exploiting and the situation of more and more scarce resources of China make the traditional sand industry facing with new and technological innovation.

Traditional sand making process uses hammer crusher, combination crusher and others, however, the present impact crusher has become the preferred equipment in artificial sand industry at home and aboard due to its low cost and high efficiency.

Henan hongxing mining machinery Co.Ltd has developed new tertiary impact crusher with the features of cubic shape of final product, low content of needle and slice shape. It has been widely used in the crushing of artificial building sand, stone material and various kinds of Metallurgical slag. Our impact crusher has higher output and effect compare with other kinds of crushers. Its advantages are reliable and stable operation, easy maintenance, and high sand making ratio. It has the function of both fine crushing and coarse crushing, which not affected by the moisture of materials and suitable for both wet and dry material. Its low noise and low dust meet the requirement of national environmental protection, which makes it become the preferred equipment of artificial sand enterprises transformation.