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The high-end hongxing heavy crusher becomes a new bright spot in the industry

Author: HXJQTime: 4/2/2012 3:00:33 AM

As the professional manufacture of crusher equipment, Henan Hongxing Heavy Industry Machinery Co.,LTD has been put the quality in the first with more than 20 years production experience. We has not stopped the crusher technology innovation and the new crusher design in our research and development.

In the most recent period, the rate of crusher technology innovation has been slow down. Henan Hongxing heavy industry technical staffs have also met with a "bottleneck". In this situation, our chief engineer Xu required the technical staffs transform the research direction. We should suitably strength and improve the performance of crusher. We should research and development high performance and high-end crusher. The development trend of current crushing equipment is "high-end" "high integrated" "high performance" and "low-carbon".

Henan Hongxing Heavy Industry Machinery Co.,LTD is no longer content with the domestic market, our products have been out of the country, and sold in hundreds of countries in Asia, Africa, Europe, South Africa and North Africa. Even the America and Germany such industrial powers customers come to our factory for field investigation, negotiation and signing the contract. This shows that the crushing equipment of Henan Hongxing Heavy Industry has been recognized by most countries in the world.

According to the National Federation of Machinery Industry report, the high-end technology equipment, the emerging industrial equipment and the people;s livelihood equipment will be the development focus of machinery industry during the "12th five year plan". By inference, the high-end crusher will undoubtedly get more extensive application, and become the new bright spot in the development of machinery industry in the future.

With the continuous strengthen of engineering construction and the overall rising of machinery industry, the crusher industry shows a good momentum of development. As the powerful support for high-end equipment and new industry equipments from the "12th five year plan", the crusher as key areas will continue to appear the growth situation, so as to drive the whole machinery industry with a rapid growth. According to the analysis, the main development direction of crushing equipment is that the upgrades of products bring the market share; the innovation and new product form a new growth point. Thus has initially be en reflected in the current research and development of crusher in Henan Hongxing Heavy Industry Machinery.

The latest mobile crushing station, jaw crusher, impact crusher and new type cone crusher of Henan Hongxing Heavy Industry Machinery have reached the international advanced level in the technology. The crusher equipments has many customers in the world market. Henan Hongxing Heavy Industry Machinery continues to research and develop the types of crusher and tries to make all crushers to reach the international top level. This happens to coincide with the "12th five year plan".

The most popular of Henan crusher in the domestic market is still the jaw crusher, impact crusher, cone crusher and other products. But in the international market the highly automated crusher is the main direction in the future development. Therefore, Henan Hongxing Heavy Industry Machinery explore to the domestic market by using advanced Europe type jaw crusher, Europe type impact crusher and hydraulic cone crusher. Meanwhile, we actively research the new type and high-end equipment, open the international market by the automatic and high technology mobile crushing station. In a word, the research and development of high technical and high-end crusher is the most realistic measure for improving the crusher industry.