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Henan Hongxing mobile crushing station help Zhengzhou refuse processing construction

Author: HXJQTime: 3/31/2012 11:14:08 PM

With the acceleration of urbanization and the widening construction frame, the city is becoming more and more beautiful. But at the same time, the urbanization construction generates more and more waste, which is so huge that not only occupied much of the land but also cause serious environmental pollution. Meanwhile, it has influence the people life to large degree. In order to effectively deal with these construction waste and enhance the environmental protection in Zhengzhou, the government plans to build a building landfill in the southern suburb next year. That can make unified collection and handling, so as to gradually solve building garbage dumps.

Building construction waste landfill to deal with waste is no human work and it must rely on machine equipments such as the jaw crusher, cone crusher, mobie crushing station. Among them,  mobile crushing the station is most widely used.

According to the construction waste problems, mobile crushing station is tailored as the super crushing quipment by Henan Hongxing science and technology company specifically for city construction waste treatment. The equipment initially solve problems of crushing barriers that caused by environment, multifarious infrastructure and logistics. The integration of the system can realize the flexible of mobile equipment. It can be directly operated at site or nearby to finish the city construction waste disposal work. In this way, we can save the time of operation and transportation cost which is the best equipment choice in city construction waste disposal.

As we all know, with the continuous development of science and technology, construction waste has long been seen as resources in the wrong places. At the moment of the construction of Zhengzhou building landfill, Henan Hongxing will actively practice the responsibility of local enterprises contributing to Zhengzhou city construction waste treatment with its brand product mobile cushing station.