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Single rotor impact crusher installation and debug

Author: HXJQTime: 3/27/2012 5:31:07 PM

Impact breaker make use of impact force to broken materials. Its characteristic is small, simple structure, high broken rito (up to 40), less energy consumption, big production capacity, product of granularity, and function of selective crushed ore. Impact crusher is good promising equipment. But the chief drawback is plate hammer and impact board is easily wore down, especially for hard minerals. The wearness is more seriously and need to change. At present as some wear-resisting materials come up, impact crusher has already been applied to some metal concentrator.


(1), The impact crusher pump has motor unit with vibration performence, before installation and commissioning, all fasteners shall be tighten. During production operation should also check regularly and tighten at any time.

 (2) Attention should be paid to installation sense of rotation (in the belt wheel marked spin arrow)can not change. 

 (3), After installing motor, you should depend on situation to equipped with the belt cover. 

(4), Impact board and plate hammer gap should decreased gradually according to operation. After adjusting, using hand turn rotor for sevral times to examined if it attacks or not. After the completion of the adjustment, you should lock socket nuts to prevent impact board from loosening and gradually decline and hammer collision, causing an accident. 

(5), Because the discharge letout is down forward, the installation height and how to adjust feed and discharging device should be considered carefully in system design. 


1. The rotor has passed balance treatment before leaving factory, the users do not need to do balance test. But the replacement of a hammer and rotor, you should do balanced configuration. 

2. Mainframe installation should do the balance adjustment, the spindle error is less than 1 mm people/m, master-slave kinematic should in the same plane, adjusting leather belt tightness to moderate and fixed motor. 

3. Check the component installation position if is mobile, deformation, lock all bolts and check the sealing is good or not. 

4. Check the electrical box and tighten situation, adjust delay relay and overload protector, connect circuits, test to motor, suitable specifications of the fuse. 

5. Check the hydraulic system action is reliable, have without leakage. 

6. Remove the impactcrusher foreign bodies in, hand move rotor, examined for friction, collisions.