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Ways to reduce the wear of impact crusher aboard hammer

Author: HXJQTime: 2/28/2012 6:08:40 PM

use reasonable rotary speed, improve the impact hardening degree of hammer fastly in the early stages, improve grate structure to make free of discharge; adjust the interval between each parts, and make sure the interval is in the proper range, all the above methods conducted to reduce the wear of hammer. Through the analysis of the factors influence the impact crusher wearable hammer, aims at different influence factors, the different reduce wear measure should be taken, which to prolong the service life of hammer head, reduce the materials consumption and downtime, reach the goal that reduce investment and improve enterprises economic benefit.
Aboard hammer and liner plate of impact crusher are easy to wear, which need routine maintenance. At present, the aboard hammer and liner plate in our country mainly made from high manganese steel. For the difference of heat treating materials, its service life is different. Our country also developed a kind of impact hammer made from Low alloy white cast iron or high chromium iron, which has the features of high hardness, good abrasive resistance, simple production, low investment, and has achieve a good effect.

In the carbon steel aboard hammer, some manufacturer use “up weld 64” and “up weld 64A” welding rod to surfacing a layer, or use High-manganese steel electrode to surfacing in the High-manganese steel electrode, these methods can reduce wear, and repair old aboard hammer or impact plate. The shape and fix methods of aboard hammer is important to maintenance. The shape of aboard hammer should be convenient to dismounting, and improve the metal utilization ratio. The weight of aboard hammer should be exact, and its error should not be exceeding 0.5kg that to make sure the stable of machine. During Rotor static balance test, rotor should not rotate 1/10 circle when it stop in any point.