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Guess of Hongxing engineers about the application of raw iron dryer into the heavy metal mining of extinct volcano crater

Author: HXJQTime: 2/27/2012 8:31:19 PM

Raw Iron Dryer is one drying equipment which is necessary for all sorts of heavy metal mining. While whether Raw Iron Dryer can be applied to the extinct volcano crater mining? If can, what configurations are needed of the Raw Iron dryer?

Under the crust from 100 to 150000 meters, there is a "liquid" area, where exits a layered silicate of molten material containing gases and vapors under the high temperature and high pressure, namely the magma. Once it rush out of the weak area of the crust, there will be a volcano. Volcano spewed a variety of materials. It has a long history since the human activities. Some volcano erupts before the history of human activities, but now it is no longer active,which we call " extinct volcano"; While some "volcano" along with the changes of the earth's crust will suddenly erupted, people called it "dormant volcano"; In human history, there is another volcanic eruptions, known as the "active".

After a volcanic eruption, the heavy metal material left is of great value, which was noticed by humans quite early. It still is a big problem to make full use of these materials on science and technology now. Whether the application of Raw Iron Dryer into the Heavy Metal Mining of Extinct Volcano Crater works? Recently Hongxing engineers tested the guess.

Volcano spewed a variety of materials. Of the solid materials, generally, they are blasting broken rocks, debris and ash, etc. ; Of the liquid materials, generally, they are lava flows, water, all kinds of solution and water of pyroclasts and volcanic ash, mixing mud flow, etc. ; Of the gas materials, generally, they are steam and carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, fluorine, and sulfur and oxide. In addition, in the volcanic activity, it also often sprays a visible or invisible light, electricity and magnetism, sound and radioactive substances, etc. , these substances can sometimes kill people, or make electricity, instruments failure and the aircraft, ships crash.

Verified by Hongxing experts, Raw Iron Dryer used in the heavy metal mining of extinct volcano vent still has great difficulties. Volcanic eruptions brings a considerable amount of toxic gases and these poisonous gas will damage human body seriously. Long-term inhalation can cause fatal injuries to the human body. So the heavy metal mining of extinct volcano crater should be totally intelligent work process. This, to a certain extent, requires a high-tech on the production of Raw Iron Dryer. But, now the process of Raw Iron Dryer production is not too mature on market, so heavy metal mining in the crater of the extinct volcano at this stage is not possible, but we believe, in the near future, we are able to realize this guess.