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Ball Mill

Author: HXJQTime: 8/16/2012 7:36:39 PM

Six Common Breakdowns of Ball MIll.

Ball Mill

1. When ball mill is running, regularly loud hit sound comes from the machine, the reason is some liner bolts is loosen. You can judge the position of liner bolt based on the sound resource, and then find it and tight it up.

2. The temperature of ball mill and motor bearing is rising and exceeds regulation. In this case, you can touch the machine to judge the heated parts are over whole or just partly. Settle the problems with these methods as follows.

(1) Check all the lubricating points, if the using oil specifications are complies with equipment instructions or not.

(2) Check if the lubricating oil and grease becomes bad.

(3) Check if lubricating road is clogged, and if lubricating oil directly enters into lubricating point. Oil shortage will cause machine overheated.

(4) Side gap between ball mill and bearing bush is too small, and the gap of bearing bush and bearing is too large. As a result, the contact points are too much to form evenly oil film on the bush.

(5) The reason can also be the amount of roller bearing lubricating oil is too much or too little. Too much amount oil will generate heat and hardly dissipated. Too little oil will cause poor lubrication. So, we should add enough oil as regulation, generally the amount is 1/3~1/2 of the bearing gap.

(6) Two ends of ball mill body is too tight in sealing, or sealing body contact directly with bearing, can cause overheated.

All the above problems should be solved according to different reason.

3. Ball mill reducer bearing overheat

Except checking it according to ball mill heating check methods, we should check gas discharging port of reducer. If it is clogging, we should keep it clear.

4. Ball mill vibrates when motor starts reducer, the main reasons are:

 (1) The gap of connected two wheels is too small, as a result, it can’t compensate driving power.

 (2) The method of shaft coupling correcting is not right, which leads to unconcentric of two bearings.

 (3) The connecting bolt of shaft coupling is not fixed tight equally, and the tight degree is different.

 (4) Ball mill bearing outer ring is flexible.

Settlement: adjust gap of two wheels as instruction statement, and make them concentric. Fix tight the connected bolts with equal force.

5. Ball mill vibrates greatly when reducer drives mill

 (1) The axis of ball mill bearing and reducer bearing are not in a line. The reasons are: ball mill didn’t pure slurry again when installing liner, or the bolt didn’t fix tight after second pure slurry. And the two axis of ball mill bearings are not in a line, which can also leads to vibrating.

Settlement: you should adjust ball mill again, and make the axis of ball mill bearing and reducer bearing in a line.

 (2) Large scale ball mill is large and heavy, and it can cause foundation subsidence. In that case, you should set a test point for subsidence testing near operation site. If machine found abnormal, you should adjust it immediately.

6. Reducer rotating sound is strange.

In normal case, the sound of reducer rotating is evenly and steady. If there are hitting sound from gear wheel and friction voice, but machine runs normal, you can observe it continuously. And then find the reason to stop ball mill to handle it. Once the sound becomes loudly, you shall stop it for checking.

 What is worthy of attention is that reducer balance wheel and middle wheel are not installed as prescribed can lead to strange sound. It is dangerous to do so.