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Lubrication and temperature affect run condition

Author: HXJQTime: 8/13/2012 1:49:58 AM

In practical mining production, we often have the problems of quick-wear parts. It affects equipment performance and production efficiency. It is a regularly work for mining machines maintenance. Should we really want to keep machines good condition, we have to learn daily repair at least.

At first, as we all know, we should protect machine from hitting or damage. Ensure clean of them and can not make machine contact with chemical things. 

Besides, bearing is responsible for the whole operation load. It is important to prolong bearing service life. Good lubrication does much with operation efficiency, as well as bearing use life. Above of all, the pouring lubricating oil must be clean, and sealing is good. 

Second of all, we should reduce the temperature effect to machine. During operation, all the parts are running in their own normal temperature ranges. That is, general cooling water is between 80-90。C, while the temperature range of hydraulic system is 30-60。C.  Both the lower and higher temperature can cause components wear and damage, lubricating oil becoming bad, and material performance weak and so on. Therefore, during in use, we should guarantee low speed normal operation at preheated stage, so as to reach the standard temperature for normal operation. In no case should the machine operates overloaded in lower temperature. Similarly, higher temperature operation should also be avoided. Operators should check values on the thermograph. If fault occurs, operator should stop the machine at once, check and solve the problems. As for the uncertain problems, we should not let it go and make impact crusher work with trouble. In daily work, the work condition of cooling system should be checked at times. As for water cooling machines, workers pay attention to adding cooling water. As for wind cooling machines, you had better to clean dust as regular intervals to ensure cooling air duct smooth.

Finally, it is equipment minor repair, medium repair and overhaul. The checking results should be kept records in detail, while not only includes repair and replacement records, but also includes use and daily production records, so that we can analysis and judge jaw crusher machine fault quickly and accurately. The high requirement to equipment efficiency and performance becomes the main limitation to machine’s cost and quality. On the other hand, the machine (such as ball mill) as well as operation environment is main factor affecting equipment performance. So, in order to improve performance, it is a must to enforce equipment management and environment management.