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Jaw Crusher

Author: HXJQTime: 8/8/2012 2:43:55 AM

For any equipment, the care and maintenance is very important.

Jaw crusher

1. The lubrication of jaw crusher

(1). It is necessary to pay attention to the lubrication of the friction surface, which can ensure the normal running of jaw crusher, at the same time, prolong the service life of jaw crusher.

(2). The lubricating grease used by jaw crusher should be chosen depending on the use site and the temperature. In general, the Albany grease and the sodium base grease are the common lubricating grease.

(3) The lubricating grease which is put into the bearing takes about 50% of the whole space volume, and it should be replaced every three to six months. Pay attention to that when replace the lubricating grease, it is better to clean the raceway of roller bearing with clean gasoline or kerosene.

(4). Before starting the jaw crusher, it is necessary to inject some lubricating grease into the place between the thrust plate and the bearing of thrust plate.

2. The Maintenance of Jaw Crusher

In order to ensure the normal running of jaw crusher, it is necessary to maintain the jaw crusher regularly, including daily maintenance and inspection, minor repair, medium repair and overhaul.

(1). Minor repair

The main part of minor repair is inspection and adjustment. Adjust the gap of discharging mouth, replace the wearing scaleboard, inspect the transmission system, lubricating system and replace the lubricating oil in time. The cycle of minor repair is about one to three months.

(2). Medium Repair

The medium repair refers to all the work of minor repair, at the same time, change the thrust plate, scaleboard, inspect and repair the bearing bush. The cycle of medium repair is about one to two years.

(3). Overhaul

The overhaul refers to all the work of medium repair, at the same time, change the turning eccentric shaft, casting the Babbitt metal on the connecting rod, change and repair individual wearing parts. The cycle of overhaul is about five years.