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New Energy Booms the Mining Machinery Industry

Author: HXJQTime: 7/30/2012 2:18:34 AM

According to the national development plan, building the resource-saving and environment-friendly society should adhere to the principle that both development and economizing are important but give economizing priority . Under the current environment, the demand for energy is more urgent. It is expected that in 2020 the total investment in new energy will be more than 3 trillion yuan with the launch and adjustment of the relevant policies, which will boom mine construction and grinding mill equipment market.

One of the important points to develop new energy industry is that new economic growth point can be cultivated. The renewable energy and new energy industry will have large and blank development room, which also provides the mining machinery industry with new opportunities for its development. As for the mining resources- non-renewable resources, the mining machinery featured with environmental-protection and energy-conservation will be the major equipment to develop them into true eco-resources, which will contribute to stimulating the demand for mining machinery and bring another round of development climax of mining machinery such as crusher and grinding mill industry. Meanwhile, it also asks higher requirements for the future environmental-protection and energy-saving mining equipment. 

Under the background of the market economy, in the harmonious development between human and nature, driven by the market demand, future mining machinery should develop towards the digitization, intelligentization and ecologicalization. Henan Hongxing Heavy Indusries considers that the counterparts of mining machinery should vigorously develop new environmental-friendly and efficient crusher and grinding machine by grasping the opportunity of developing new energy with the aid of national policies. At present, the technical quality system in Henan Hongxing Heavy Industries is in smooth and efficient running. The jaw crusher,impact crusher, grinding mills and other new mining equipment produced by our company have laid solid foundation to seize the competitive edge in the market.

Under the strong support of the national policy, Hongxing Heavy Industries suggests that mining machinery industry should be committed to product innovation and structure adjustment to realize sustainable development of economy and society.