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Slag dryer maintenance and purchase common sense

Author: HXJQTime: 7/24/2012 3:28:57 AM

Slag dryer maintenance and repair is an usual work, and how the repair work does will directly decide machine production and service life. We provide you some points about dryer machine maintenance for you reference.

At first, the bearing is the most important check work. As dryer bearing undertakes the whole operation load, high quality oil lubrication will certainly do much to machine service life. We require that lubricate oil must be clean, sealing well at the main oil pouring parts, such as rotating bearing, rolling bearing, all the tooth gear, flexible bearing and slide plane.

Besides, as for new installed machine, the tyre is easy loosen, which shall be checked often. And you may pay attention to all machine parts and ensure them work in good condition. On the other hand, you may consider the damage degree of machine wear parts, and replace them at any time. Moreover, on the bottom frame surface where flexible device installed, you are suggested make it clean to avoid flexible bearing failing to move on bottom frame surface when comes to not crushable materials. And once the bearing temperature is rising, you should at once stop the machine to check and solve the problem. Finally, if rotating gear gives out impact noise when running, you are required stop the machine and find out the reason.

Now an advanced type dryer is launched to machinery market, it adopts private box-type spray pulse bag type dust collector based on HXMC type dryer machine. This type dryer is specially developed for dryer smoke features and it solved the dust problem.

When you purchase slime drying machine, you should take the following aspects into consideration: first you have to learn your practical business situation, such slime drying venues size, the number of tons of coal slime drying under ideal situation, humidity of existing coal slime, finished products price after slime drying. As far as possible you may as well to visit professional slime drying machine and ball mill manufacturers and entities. If necessary, you can bring your own raw material and require coal ash dryer manufacturers show you on-site commissioning. You are suggested carefully observe the manufacturer's machine productive capacity and see if its calcination equipment dryer can dry your slimed material to the ideal level. Buyers should carefully consult the regular slime drying machine, cone crusher expert manufacturers, and requested them provide you with the most professional slime drying machine knowledge and operate common sense.